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Empathy Bootcamps and Talks

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Hire an Empathy Bootcamp for your workplace or community

An Empathy Bootcamp is a 3.5 hour program, taught by Dr. Kelsey Crowe, Tracy Mulholland and staff, that helps us build stronger, more trusting relationships. The approach is grounded in social science but delivered with common sense, humor, and heart. You will come away with tools you can apply immediately for being a better friend, colleague, and family member. 




  • Empathy Roadblocks: How to get over yourself so you can help others
  • Empathy Basics: What you can do and say to be supportive
  • Interactive group exercises: Feel more comfortable taking action
  • Download a one-page pdf of our program offerings


Hire Kelsey to Speak

Dr. Crowe is available to give an hour-long talk on making empathy manageable (and more likely to happen) to audiences of all sizes. Examples include businesses interested in positive culture shifting with supporting small acts of kindness, and nonprofit staff, clients, and caregivers in the fields of health and grief who want to address giving empathy and asking for help.

To Inquire About a Bootcamp or Talk:

Empathy Bootcamps: Contact Jess at Jess@helpeachotherout.com

Kelsey Crowe Talks: Danielle.Kolodkin@harpercollins.com

Other requests: Contact Jess Hershey at Jess@helpeachotherout.com



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“Thank you for what was a genuine and compassionate moment for more human connection and loving kindness.”

“Now I know that being kind isn’t having to be Mother Theresa. Thank you!”

“I feel better equipped to share kindness and understanding. I learned how to manage expectations with sincerity and honesty…. I really liked how this workshop aimed to improve the self”

“I already give a lot but now I know better ways to say things….It was very thought provoking for me.”

“I have the basic skills but I learned a lot of new insights into how I can improve my skills even more.”

“Now I can look at my empathy strengths and feel genuine when offering my support to someone else.”

“This was a phenomenal course. I would recommend this to anyone who deals with the public in their jobs or anyone wanting to expand their world views. I will be/ I am a better person for this experience”

“I had a GREAT experience with this workshop. I’ve learned so much about myself.”

“I loved every part of this class! I feel so much more confident to deal with difficult situations.”

“This course allowed us to go into our fears and strengths around how we care for others both personally and professionally. This workshop helps all of us bring more of who we are to the world.”


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