Empathy Bootcamp UCSF Oncology Staff April 9th

Empathy Bootcamp for UCSF oncology team. Some of their comments:


“This was a phenomenal course. I would recommend this to anyone who deals with the public in their jobs or anyone wanting to expand their world views. I will be/ I am a better person for this experience”

“I had a GREAT experience with this workshop. I’ve learned so much about myself.”

“I loved every part of this class! I feel so much more confident to deal with difficult situations.”

“This course allowed us to go into our fears and strengths around how we care for others both personally and professionally. This workshop helps all of us bring more of who we are to the world.”

“Although we like to think we are “empathy experts” since we flex our empathic muscle all day in our work, the workshop really brought new ideas and tools. The reflective aspects and “self-care’y” feel to it really resonated with me…Our clinic could really use some team building and I love the idea that attendees are across disciplines. Partnering up with an administrative person or someone with a completely different role/skill set to one’s own is a great way to help us see each other on a more basic human level…to “even the playing field” so-to-speak. Regardless of our roles in the medical setting, we all have opportunities for expression of empathy both with patients/families and with each other, and it’s so simple! The discussions in dyads were really powerful and I can imagine bringing together (as an example) a physician with a front desk person, or a SW with a phlebotomist could be really wonderful.”