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Our Origin Story

Have you ever shied away from a colleague or acquaintance, or even a friend or family member during their difficult time because you were afraid and didn’t know what to do or say?

I have. More than once, unfortunately.

And I got tired of being that person. I wanted to be the kind of person I want in my own corner when life is falling apart.

My problem was not a lack of compassion. Quite the opposite. I cared when people around me were in a rough time. I just didn’t know how to be supportive, and did what many people do, which is nothing at all. Again.

I get it.

I also get how important it is when you are in your own hard time that people reach out. When you feel like becoming best friends with your neighbor down the street whose name you may not remember but she said she was sorry and no one else around you did.

I didn’t want to be that person that failed others. I wanted to be that clued-in neighbor. A lot of us do. Yet, while most of us might make our gaffes, we move on. I couldn’t. Here’s why. 



Who We Are

Help Each Other Out is a growing collective of people embracing the idea that being there for others is often easier than we think, it can be learned, and that it matters.

Through social science research, storytelling, and art, we are working to make our society a more caring place. Our Empathy Bootcamp workshops along with Kelsey’s book and talks give people the skills to be supportive in all types of relationships and difficult times, while our interactive public art campaigns give people the inspiration to try.

Kelsey Crowe, PhD is the founder of Help Each Other Out, which makes human connection in times of suffering easier for patients, their loved ones, and professionals via workshops, interactive games, and talks. She co-authored There Is No Good Card for This: What to do and Say When Life is Scary, Awful, and Unfair to the People You Love (HarperCollins, 2017), and teaches social work at California State University. Her work has been featured on several media outlets like NPR, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, BuzzFeed, Oprah.com, and others. She hopes for a day when no one has to suffer a personal trial alone because the people around them just didn’t know what to do or say. 
Tracy Mulholland is Director and Senior Associate Trainer. She started working in empathy after her life-changing experience with Lyme disease, combining her education and background in communications, business and theater with her passion for understanding and helping others in difficult times. She is expanding empathy work through media content as well as teaching and growing the popular Empathy Bootcamps. Tracy hopes for a world where everyone knows how to treat others in their darkest times and feels supported throughout their own.

Jess Hershey is Administrative Assistant to Kelsey and has become an integeral part of her everyday operations and organization. Yes, she is distantly related to the founder of Hershey chocolate, but not close enough to even get a free candy bar! Jess worked as a Media Manager, Administrative Assistant, Editor, Event Planner, Adjunct Professor, Sales Associate and Yoga Instructor before being hired by an entrepreneur support site, which gave her a passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed and led to starting her own Virtual Assistant business.
Contact Jess at Jess@helpeachotherout.com
Your authentic gift, whether it’s been asked of you or not, is still really awesome to receive.

Empathy Workshop Contributors

Monica Worline, Ph.D., is an organizational psychologist and founding member of the organizational research collaborative, CompassionLab. She earned her PhD from the University of Michigan and is a member of the Positive Organizational Scholarship community in the Ross School of Business.

Kimberly Wylder, MFT, California Institute of Integral Studies, has experienced many of life’s most profound moments as a patient, a caregiver and a provider, each of which fuels her passion for HEO. Educating and empowering people to build community and foster empathy are the foundations of her practice as a counselor and an advocate.

Dr. Adam J. McTighe is a medical empathy scholar, and is excited to work with Help Each Other Out, pairing evidence-based practice with pragmatic compassion.


Hope Singsen, Writer/Creative Director, has coined ad copy in all media for 15 years at NYC agencies such as Ogilvy, AKQA, DigitasLBi and McGarry Bowen. For HEO, she also draws on her experience as a playwright/performer, crafting people’s real words into moving stories that inspire and activate.

Janine Byrne, Graphic Designer, worked for Wieden+Kennedy for 14 years with clients like Nike, Sony, and Coke. She designs HEO’s awareness campaigns and branding materials, and is proud to work on behalf of such a community-serving organization.

Michael Shindler, Photographer, captures his subject’s raw, unposed appearance and authentic self, and was touted by The New York Times as one of the most experienced tintype portrait artists working today. His work has also been featured in Wired, California Style, 7×7, San Francisco Chronicle, and CoolHunting.

Advisory Board Members

  • Amy D’Andrade, PhD, Professor of Social Work, San Jose State University
  • Millicent Bogert, Consultant to International Nonprofits
  • Dara Kosberg, San Francisco, Chief Business Officer, The Dinner Party
  • Jen Tosti-Kharas, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, Babson College
  • Jennie Mollica, PhD, Founder and Principal at human service group Jennie Mollica Consulting
  • Jan Malvin, PhD, retired University of California researcher
  • Kim Boyd Bermingham, Founder of Gokid.org 
  • Kim Wylder, therapist with experience in matters of loss, illness and trauma
  • Liza Siegler, Director of Partnerships and Engagement, The Edible Schoolyard
  • Meaghan Calcari Campbell, Program Officer, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation 
  • Mardie Oakes, Founder and Executive Director of Hello Housing
  • Michele Turner, Founder and Principal at creative ad firm Heist Life

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